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Pathe Baby Super "Model G"



This PB projector has serial number 207126-G. It has a Krauss lens so is technically a Model GK. The Super attachment allows the playing of 300 foot (100 meter) films. This Super attachment has a small plate saying "Super Pathe Baby" and serial number 5692.

Model G improvements over the common Model D (common in the US anyway), include:

  • Vernier focusing (a thumb screw rather than a sliding lever).

  • A latch for the lamp housing.

  • A hold-down screw for the lamp to keep it from vibrating loose.

  • Double-claw film advancement.

  • Rubber foot pads.

  • Added insulation on the electrical gear.  

The French rear-mounted motor performs better than the Pathex flywheel drive as a slightly imperfect flywheel / shutter does not affect it. That's the good news. The bad is that they appear to be 50 cycle motors so they run 20% faster here in the US (60 cycle current). The slow-down mechanism is a friction device, not a current reduction. So we have a choice, watch the films at faster than 16 frames a second or heat up the motor.

The large pulley on the upper arm of the Super attachment is for motorized rewinding. You add a drive spring down to the large double pulley where the projector crank usually mounts. Note that this projector still has its seemingly original rubber drive belts between the motor and the idler puller and between the idler and the large double pulley.

The projector has the later PB oval medallion. It was attached with two rivets unlike the earlier solid medallions which were soldered on. The top is not stamped "Made in France" as were export models. The take-up pulley side cover is stamped PB-F presumably F for France. Export Super side covers are stamped PB-Ex. for Export.

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