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Pathe Baby "Model A"



This early PB projector only plays 30 foot (10 meter) films. Early features include fancier cranks, and no guides or spinning center spool in the film takeup area. Its serial number is 036663. I believe this is near the end of the Model A's, but I am unclear on what constitutes a Model C. 60 foot film? I believe the models went A, C, D, E, F, G, and G2 with few C, E and F's made.

The side cover is a flat piece rather than a scoop-shaped stamping like those of later models. The base casting included a wall around the takeup pulleys. The wall was removed from the casting when the "modern" side covers came into use (circa 1924).  

The reflector in the lamp house is smaller than those on subsequent models.

There is no brass medallion on its side. Instead, the front has a decal. When Pathe added the lash adjustment for the main shaft, a bulge was added to the front of the projectors and the decals could no longer be used.

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