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Pathe Super "Model G"



This projector was sold in the US and came in a Pathex box. It's serial number is 202537-G, but it has a Hermagis lens, so it is technically a Model GH. It has the side-mounted American-made motor. The slot in the housing that exposes the flywheel to the motor's rubber drive was punched after the projector was painted. On several projectors in my collection, the slot punching even nipped away some of the medallion. It appears obvious that all drive slots were added at the Pathex facility in Jersey City, New Jersey. Pathex stood for Pathe Exchange (a film exchange service). Pathex was Pathe's American subsidiary.

The projector crank spins madly when the motor is running. Since there are no drive pulleys with the American motor system, rewind was by hand.

The motor's speed rheostat is operated by the black knob sticking out on the right side. Earlier American motors had a sliding rheostat at the rear of the projector.

The medallion says Pathe rather than Pathe Baby, and "Made in France" is stamped on the flat of the top cover.

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