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I have an original studio still of the photo below. We pin it to the front door to deter party crashers.






Glass Coming Attraction slide below -- 1921 -- Ben Trego (Hart) dies defending his twin sons from Indian attack. Separated, the two boys grow up very differently, one as Paul Marsden (also Hart), the other as a cowboy named Three Word Brand (also Hart). Paul becomes governor of Utah while Brand partners with George Barton in a ranch. The owner of the adjacent ranch plots to get Barton and Brand out of the way in order to control water rights. When Governor Marsden (Hart) comes to the area to investigate, Brand (also Hart) sees the resemblance between them, though neither knows about his twin. Brand waylays Paul and takes his place as governor in an attempt to thwart the crooked rancher in the water rights scheme. Three character roles in the same movie -- but this was over 80 years ago.

Still with two guns circa early 1940's, we can't live forever. William S. Hart Dec. 6, 1864 - June 23, 1946. A Long, good life.