Theda Bara

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The most famous "lost film" is Cleopatra produced by Fox in 1917 starring Theda Bara. An anagram of her name, created by the studio publicists, was "Arab Death". An original 27 by 41 inch "one sheet" poster (left) is priceless.
My 3 1/4 x 4 inch "Coming Attraction" glass slide (right) used to promote the movie is rare, but not nearly as priceless. Glass survives -- paper and nitrate film don't. With many lost silent films, all that survives are glass slides and studio stills.
Here are some stills from Cleopatra. Fox spent $500,000 making this movie (a whole lot of money in 1917). 2,000 horses, many great costumes for Theda, the boat below with Nubian oarsmen, etc.


What did you expect Buster.
Here is one of Theda's earlier Vamp roles.

Theda at home.

Romeo and Juliet. Fox 1917. Another lost film.