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Pathescope Super "Model G2"



This British projector has serial number 245511-G2. It has a Krauss lens. The projector was made in France, but the Super attachments are marked "Made in England" on their castings and the top arm has a small plate saying "PB-Ex. Pathescope Super". Improvements in the G2 included long cooling slots in the base and a side-mounted rheostat sliding arm for the lamp rather than the prior rear-mounted arm. This makes it easier to adjust the lamp if there is a rear-mounted motor.

This projector came without a motor. It must have been quite a thrill cranking through a 300 foot film. It is the same height as the other Super's shown on these pages. It looks tall in the photos as there is no motor to balance to image.

The British-built Super arms are a bit simpler than the French ones, but appear to operate fine.

The medallion says Pathescope -- Made in France.

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