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Panorama Attachment



Here is an interesting device -- a panoramic sweep mechanism that goes between the camera and tripod. When you crank the camera, the mechanism very slowly rotates the camera. There is a small lever on the back where you can choose to pan left-to-right, right-to-left, or not pan. The special crank has a pulley for the spring drive built in.

The serial number on the panorama unit was hand struck one number at a time. Originally it was 0002, then it was a struck again making the serial 0102. It is listed in an early French catalog as item F56. This must be one of the first. The second one produced? I have never seen another, and the Pathe Museum does not show one.

This came with a complete outfit in a large fitted leather case that included about everything possible for a PB camera and projector. The outfit was purchased in Paris by a wealthy American named Gummer circa 1925. The Babygraphe titler (French catalog item F58C) mounted on the camera lens was also in this pile of stuff. Using the panorama mechanism and titler at the same time would not hurt the title image as the titler would rotate with the camera.

The PB camera has serial number 05088 with Trianar Krauss lens serial 217011. The PB projector that came with this outfit is a Model D with serial number 217011. Everything is in near new condition.

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