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  Pathe Baby was the trade name for a 9.5 mm home movie system introduced in France for Christmas 1922. An extensive catalog of existing Pathe Freres films were issued in this new format. The first were only 30 feet long -- about 90 seconds of cranking. But the innovative freeze frame mechanism lengthened the showing time by not wasting footage on title cards. In 1924, film length was increased to 60 feet. In 1928, Super reel films that were 300 feet long were introduced. 9.5 mm persisted as the 'standard' format in Europe thru the 1950's.
   Pathex was the trade name of Pathe Exchange, Inc., Pathe's US subsidiary. In America, film exchanges distributed movie releases to theaters. The 9.5 mm format was introduced in America for Christmas of 1925 (Model D projectors). A lot of money was spent but Kodak, with 16 mm and then 8 mm, blew Pathe 9.5 mm out of the North America market. The Great Depression did not help, by 1932 it was over. In 1935 the remaining Pathex 9.5 inventory was sold to M.H. Schoenbaum of Plainfield, NJ who carried on a film/parts business thru the 40's. Does anyone know of him or his descendents?
: The slot for the American flywheel-drive motor (far left in the photo) was cut in New Jersey -- often they nipped the medallion soldered on in France.
At the right is W.C. Fields shooting a home movie with a Pathex Camera (his hand position and the strap on top show that his camera had the add-on, clockwork motor). My grandfather (Guy Milner aka "Milner the Great") was a vaudeville magician on the Keith circuit (the K in RKO) and knew him well. Before his movie career, WCF was a world-class vaudeville juggler.
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